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A lesson in not going with the flow: a home that breaks all the rules of a traditional room layout – beautifully.

Salon times two: a hair salon that pushes the boundaries of design and function. It does double duty, as a salon in both senses of the word.

The point about Five Points: the trailblazers behind this up-and-coming area of Tucson


Home Is Where the Balance Is: Inside the home of designer Kathryn Prideaux

A Style Called Paddington: how the filmmakers achieved those stylish interiors, and tips we can take from the movie

Day of the Dead inspired decor

Mid-Century Modern for Kids

Eat, Drink and be Mid-Mod: 50s and 60s retro eateries

Reality Bites: reality TV stars Florencia Turco DeRoussel and Carla Turco

We All Scream: inside Cashew Cow ice cream parlor

It Takes a Village: the up-and-coming Mercado district of Tucson

Sleeping beauties: Beds are turning into hi-tech getaways

Hang it all: There are no rules when hanging art

Architecure firm Ibarra Rosano Design

Pop goes the decor: Interiors inspired by pop art

Inside the kitchen of food writer Jackie Alpers

Inside the wardrobe of model and fashionista Camerone Parker

Hard knock life: Designing for a children’s museum

The White Album: Are you brave enough to have an all-white decor?

Dressing your room: Using fashion in home decor

Inside the work studio of Bon’s Crystal Flynt

The backward building project: Steam punk meets extreme recycling at Whistle Stop Depot

Dwell on Design 2014: our picks from the show

Graffiti as home decor

Wardrobe consultant Monica Negri and the vintage chair that almost got away

The Lone Ant: Cipriana Salazar is remodeler, creator, artist, inventor

Poly pop art: Velvet Glass, a company that mixes tiki, thrifting and art

Does size matter? Small living spaces

A nook that’s full of childhood memories

House + Buzz = Houzz: the home porn that is

Don’t sugar coat, powder coat: Powder coating is finding new uses in interior design

One man’s shrine to the 1950s

A marriage that’s more than convenient: Design duo Baker + Hesseldenz

Artist Alec Lauglin shares his studio space

Be floored: Vinyl, once the workhorse of flooring, is turning into a party underfoot

Time to judge a book by its cover: using books as home decor

Come, unity: Inside pizza restaurant Falora

Happy Hour: Getting trippy with recycled glass

The Italian Job: Poliform comes to Tucson

Gardening Upside Down: Air plants

The favorite corner of preservation expert Demion Clinco

Fasten Your Seatbelts: Using airplane parts as home decor

The Perks of Being a Wallpaper: Wallpaper that uses clever photography techniques

It’s the Wild Mod West: Furniture designers Max Gottschalk and Cade Hayes

Inside the office of architect Patty Warren

The favorite space of art gallery owner Terry Etherton

Tile that looks like fabric: Thanks to advances in technology, tile take on a whole new look

Plywood is cool – yes, really

All Lit Up: Luminous furniture and accessories are where it’s at

Coconut walls, anyone? Tile that’s made out of coconut shells