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Terry Etherton, owner of Etherton Gallery, continues our series on favorite spaces. His spot is the back yard of his 19th century downtown Tucson home.

Terry and Mel Etherton’s favorite space: their back porch. Photo by Gillian Drummond

“This back porch is where my wife and I spend the most time. We sit there on the chairs and look at all of this back yard and think ‘We can’t believe we’re in Tucson’.

“My mom was really into gardening and I picked up a lot of stuff from her, just watching how she did things. There, in southern Illinois, you dropped a seed and a tree grew. Here you really have to keep on top of it. It’s a whole different kind of gardening.

“We have grapefruit, tangerine, fig and apricot trees. We have agaves, crepe myrtle tree. I added a lot of ground cover. I wanted this garden to feel kind of overgrown and not too tidy.

The view from Terry Etherton’s back porch. Photo by Gillian Drummond

“We moved in here two years ago from a historic midtown neighborhood. We really needed to downsize. My wife Mel had seen the ‘for sale’ sign here. We just looked in the backyard and through the windows and we wanted it.

“I sit here and read the New York Times on my iPad.  One of my favorite things to read is the Sunday New York Times Op-Ed section. And then the newspaper lies around all week as I get through the rest of it.”

Visit Etherton Gallery at its main location on 135 South 6th Avenue, and also upstairs at the Temple of Music and Art. More at

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