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Wood + Pulp = Tucson’s newest art gallery. We speak to the owners about their love of furniture and art, and how the two combine in this unique venture.

She’s sitting pretty: an eye-opening interview and photoshoot with Caitlin Myers, a burlesque dancer who has refused to let her new wheelchair hold her back.


Ryan Anderson Photo by Danni Valdez a The music makers with a difference: design professionals who are musicians in their spare time.

Why millennials are driving retailers nuts: They’re famously flighty and hard to please, and because of that they’re behind some fascinating new retail concepts.

Photo by Gillian Drummond

 The point about Five Points: the trailblazers behind this up-and-coming area of Tucson.

2015 Arizona International Film Festival: film critic Herb Stratford’s top picks

Photo by Danni Valdez

Photo by Danni Valdez

More than skin deep: Veronica Stice, a tattoo artist who’s changing the tide in the tattoo industry and boosting women’s body confidence while she’s at it.




Mixing an apricot blend at Maya Tea's new plant. Photo by Gillian Drummond Tucson tea party: Maya Tea Company, the firm behind one of Tucson’s most notable new exports.

Page turners: 3 groups of people who are keeping the printed word alive in unique ways

In full bloom: photographer Sean Stuchen

Road less traveled: filmmaker Darious Britt

Say hello to Lolochic: fashion designer and stylist Loreto Echevarria

Depth of Field: photographer Danni Valdez

Savage Botanicals: floral artist Joyce Mason-Monheim

Stories that Soar, a literacy advocacy group

Girls’ Pint Out: for the love of craft beer

For the love of Naim: musician and composer Naim Amor

Catch a rising star: fashion designer Estrella Sevilla

There’s something about Katy: model Katy Gierlach

Messages in a Bottle: Lesli Wood of La Curie perfume

Imagine all the People: behind the art of Pondering Pool

Diary of a topless gal: behind the scenes of the Expose Project with Jes Baker and Liora K

We all scream: the story behind Cashew Cow ice cream parlor

True colors: hair color company oVertone

Lost and Found: artist Steven Derks

All that Glitters: make-up artists Strawberri Gashes

“It’s glorious feeling comfortable in my own skin”: Photographer and body activist Jade Beall writes a letter to her pre-pregnancy self

All the Young Dudes: the tight-knit crew that makes up Tucson’s bartenders

Liquid Grace: jewelry designer Rameen Ahmed

The Space Whisperers: architecture and design duo Ibarra Rosano

The not-so-secret life of Ida Tapper: the double life of a burlesque dancer

Killer Queens: 9 Queens, the non-profit that’s turning chess into a rock ‘n roll hobby

Book Fest: artist Laura Hennessy and how she recycles books

The Buffalo Roams: celebrating 40 years of Buffalo Exchange

Manscape Architect: Noel Trapp, owner of Noel’s Restoratives

Perpetual Motion: fashion designer Diana Lopez of Indi Apparel

Tucson Strong: the lads behind jean company Too Strong USA

Cutting edge: record cutting with a difference with Mike Dixon of PIAPTK

Doctor Who Special: Maureen Heneghan Tripp, the costume designer for the original 1963 Doctor Who

Lipsticks and Feminists: Photographer and feminist activist Liora K

The Pavement Pollyanna: a guerilla activist who leaves a stamp of kindness wherever she goes *award winning

Riding a Wave: the women behind MAST store in Tucson

Hello Betsey! the women who brought Betsey Johnson to Tucson for Tucson Fashion Week

Glow in the Dark: performance group Circus Amperean

Don’t Say Cheese: photography studio Purple Nickel

Second Act: artist Marianne Bernsen

Photographer Coke Wisdom O’Neal

Bombing Tucson: Tucson’s graffiti scene * award winning

The F Word: Blogger Jes Baker * award winning

Bret Primack, The Jazz Video Guy

Bottle Rocket, a company that makes art out of recycled glass

You Sexy (Bookish) Thing: The Sexy Lady Bookworms

Wax Works: The World of Encaustics

Beware of Kooky Artist: Ryn Gargulinski

The Glory Hole: Tucson’s Sonoran Glass School * award winning

Glass Act: Artist duo Michael and Margaret Joplin

Arizona is his middle name: Photographer Dominic Arizona Bonuccelli * award winning

Top Gear: The story behind BICAS

Art, Willy Wonka Style: Public art company Creative Machines * award winning

Eye Candy: artist Brooke Grucella * award winning

Paper Boy: artist Nick Georgiou