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In the latest in our series on people’s favorite spaces, 3 Story’s own Patty Warren tells the tale of a repro lamp.

“My husband Craig can find some wonderful Christmas presents. Not every year, but often enough. This past year he did exceptionally well. He found me a Frank Lloyd Wright lamp. Not an original, but a reproduction, bought at a reasonable price too (gotta love those E-bay bargains).

“I had seen a miniature version of the lamp in a catalog we get and said to him that this might be kind of cool in my office, not knowing he had already bought the bigger one and it was sitting in a storage closet. He buys and sells a lot on eBay so I’m so used to boxes being in there I don’t even question what’s in them.

“The lamp is a study of planes in space, creating a tower of soft glowing light, and I love it.  But the question was, ‘Where to put it in our house so I could appreciate it?’

“My home office is the one place in the house that is all me. It’s where I do my architectural work, at a large u-shaped desk. Even when we took six months to remodel the house, I had to have my office space. I had my drafting table, and Craig made a makeshift desk out of old kitchen cabinets.

“I have a re-upholstered retro armchair that’s a refuge from work, drawings and the computer.  I escape to it, to take personal calls from our son or to browse through my books. The Frank Lloyd Wright lamp was going to replace a mid century table lamp that sat next to the chair. We’d never liked the lamp shade and, apart from the interesting wood base, the rest of the table lamp was  boring. So we took it apart.

“We found a remnant of Richlite, a ‘green’ countertop product made of compressed paper and resins, through Originate on 9th Avenue. It’s matte black and it easily screwed onto the wood base. With the table assembled, we placed the FLW lamp on top and  my space was complete.”

To see more images  of Patty’s house, look for the December issue of Tucson Lifestyle Home & Garden.



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