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In celebration of Tucson Fashion Week, we’ve been profiling some home-grown fashion designers. Our fashion crush this month: Ashley Bowman of Bowman & Hock. By Joan Calcagno. Cover photo by Ali Megan Photography.

bowman and hock1

Photo by Ali Megan Photography


3S: Why Bowman & Hock?

Ashley: “The business had a different name when I established it in 2006. Then my mom, Charlene Hock, joined me a couple years later. As we grew as a team, that name didn’t reflect the partnership, which is a big part of who we are and of our story. And it gave us an opportunity for a strong logo: a woman archer with hawk wings.”

bowmanandhocklogo2 3S: How would you describe the Bowman & Hock style?

Ashley: “We create ‘fashion jewelry’. That means a place between fine jewelry – which uses diamonds and gold – and lower-end costume jewelry. We design with semi-precious stones like tourmaline, labradorite, fine quartz and fresh-water pearls. And we use feathers, leather, chains – nothing is off-limits.

“We’re known for large, statement pieces. I drill the stones and we use many techniques – wire wrapping, metal work, stringing, pearling – so each piece is unique.  That’s the look in our signature collection. And we have a ‘Day of Dead’ collection, which incorporates skulls and other thematic elements.

“It is really jewelry as art. Not so much an accessory, rather each piece stands on its own.”

bowman and hock3

Photo by Ali Megan Photography

3S: What will you be showcasing at TFW?

Ashley: “We’ll have models in simple dress, each wearing a statement necklace and an enormous, dramatic feather-based headdress. Each look is based on one of the twelve signs of the zodiac.


Photo by Ashley Bowman

“To test out designs for the headdresses, my mom created a line of ‘Day of the Dead’ hats. We’re not branching off into hats as an on-going thing. These are just for this time of year – an opportunity to take a little bit of that headdress to something more wearable.”

3S: When did you start playing around with jewelry design?

Ashley: “My mom gave me a bead kit when I was a little girl. Then I started making jewelry for friends and wearing what I made. When I was 20 and away at college, I was in a boutique one day and the owner loved the piece I had on. She offered to sell my jewelry in the shop. That went well and I realized I could be making money doing this.

“When I moved to back home to Arizona, I started doing trunk shows, which were successful. Then I joined design talents with my mom, who is an amazing seamstress and costume designer. That dynamic is the basis for our success. We really are a team.”

3S:Who or what was your first fashion crush?

Ashley: “I’ve always loved Madonna. I’m a professional ballet dancer and I’ve always loved her work. I thought she was so cool. And her fashion sense is totally up my alley – whether it was what she wore at the Grammies, on stage, everywhere. Some of it was a little androgynous, and that really appeals to me. My mom on the other hand was totally into couture. My great-grandmother went to Parson’s [School of Design]  in the 30s, so, with my mom, there is a long line of dressing elegantly.”

3S: Where do you find your own accessories?

Ashley: “Jewelry is not like clothing – wearing jewelry is a choice. It should be special and meaningful. So I wear our designs in the right circumstances, but I don’t wear [jewelry] accessories on a day-to-day basis.

“I like to design meaningful pieces and see them on others. It’s hard for me to wear something simple. I’d rather not wear any accessories at all. I just can’t get something off the rack.”

Ashley Bowman (standing) and Charlene Hock

Ashley Bowman (standing) and Charlene Hock. Photo by Daniel R. Wilson

3S: What do you see in the future for Bowman & Hock?

Ashley: “We want to get our line into high-end stores like Neiman Marcus and Nordstrom, and privately owned boutiques. I wore some of our pieces when I was on vacation in Europe and the Europeans loved them. It made me realize that we have a place in the fashion world. We just have to keep going.”

3S: What designers influence you?

Ashley: “I love Dolce and Gabbana. When their spring line came out, our aesthetic was so similar our regular customers thought we had imitated it. To which I said No, they copied us!’. Oscar de la Renta has been an influence. And I love the photography of Eugenio Recuenco. The photographs are theatrical, bizarre, and theme-based – a lot like our work.”

* You can find Bowman & Hock  on Etsy. Bowman & Hock designs will be featured in the Saturday evening Runway Wrap-up and Fashion Presentation at Tucson Fashion Week. Also visit their Day of the Dead Trunk Show, Sunday October 13th, 12-6pm at their downtown studio, 19 E. Toole Avenue, 85701.

* 3 Story Magazine is a proud sponsor of Tucson Fashion Week, which runs October 17th to 19th, 2013. For tickets and info visit

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Photo by Ali Megan Photography


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  1. Each and every one of these Bowman-Hock pieces is amazing and one of a kind – creative and unique in every way. Each piece tells a picture-perfect story and I think is worth a million bucks! I always receive multiple compliments when I wear any one of the many necklaces, earrings or bracelets I have purchased over the last couple of years. Wishing you gals well in your future endeavors and looking forward to your newest designs!