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Adiba Nelson. Photo by Michelle Rooney Photography.


Style is all around us – especially on the streets. Adiba Nelson – fashionista, blogger and self-confessed Nosey Nelly – goes in search of it, and you won’t believe where she finds it.

Style. It’s all around us, and Tucson is overflowing with it. This time, I found it in a midtown Target. Yep, you read that right. Style that stopped me dead in my tracks – at Target. Well, let me back up – it stopped me dead in my tracks because I almost ran into a gatekeeper of style as I exited the restroom. I know. So romantic, right? I did a quick eye scan and immediately spotted IT: THE PURPLE MOHAWK. I waited for her to exit the restroom and then accosted her, like any good fashion writer would.

Photo by Adiba Nelson

Linda Addison builds almost all her outfits from a great pair of tights or leggings. These ones are from Desigual in New York. Photo by Adiba Nelson

Photo by Adiba Nelson

Linda Addison. Photo by Adiba Nelson

Folks, you are not ready for this 62-year-old transplant from The Bronx. From the Mohawk to the gold multi-spiked ring – WHOO, Y’ALL AIN’T READY! She agreed to answer my six Nosey Nelly questions, and I will neither confirm nor deny the fact that I may, or may NOT, have gone on a mini shopping spree after our interview.

Who she is: Linda Addison, fiction horror author and poet and four-time Bram Stoker Award winner.

Describe your look. “This is my “running the streets look”. I have a tendency towards dark colors, but this sweater makes anything pop. The hot pink added a great pop of color as well.”

Where do you shop? “I used to live in New York so the majority of my clothing came from there when I moved. I’m still looking for some great stores here in Tucson, but I have gotten a couple of great things at the 4th Avenue Street Fair. I also do a lot of online shopping, but I don’t shop from any one particular online shop. I shop for a look, and whoever has the look I’m looking for, that’s where I’m spending my money. However, if I had to say I shop at one store online more than others, it’s”

Photo by Adiba Nelson

Photo by Adiba Nelson

Favorite piece of clothing ever? “I have a pair of heels that are just sexy as hell. They are my ‘I’m going to dress, and when I walk in, I’m going to feel like Superwoman’ heels. They’re a black, strappy open-toe wedge heel, and the back is delicious! Straight up and down the back of the heel is a leather lace-up. They’re just divine. If these shoes ever go, I don’t know what I’m going to do.  They’re my power shoes. If they ever go I’ll find someone to rebuild them. I’ll be 80 years old and STILL rocking!”

Photo by Adiba Nelson

Photo by Adiba Nelson

If you could dress anyone, who would it be? “Hillary Clinton would be a great challenge. She wouldn’t even recognize herself when I was done with her. She would have two earrings in each ear by the time I was done! She could definitely stand to dress with some style – any style.”

Photo by Adiba Nelson

Photo by Adiba Nelson

What is your staple/go-to item of clothing? “I guess my staple is tights. I’m currently obsessing over some black tights that have colored pencils on them. The ones I’m wearing now [pictured at top] have words all over them. I actually got these at this fantastic store in New York City called Desigual. I have a pair of Superman tights and a pair of killer hologram tights. They literally look like a moving hologram, or prism if you will, with every step I take. I build almost all of my outfits from a great pair of tights or leggings.”

Who is your style icon? “My cousin Amber Doe. She’s an artist and natural stylist. She uses my nail polish, but the rest is all her.”

* Read more from Adiba Nelson at her blog, The Full Nelson.

Love Linda’s tights? Try these looks for your legs

1. I’ll Stand by Mew tights in taupe, $17.99 from

2. Metallic Leggings in black/silver, $17.95 from H&M

3. Zkano ‘Rose’ over-the-knee organic cotton socks, $17 from Fed by Threads.

Photos courtesy of (left) Mod Cloth, (middle) H&M, (right) Fed by Threads

Photos courtesy of (left) Mod Cloth, (middle) H&M, (right) Fed by Threads 


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  1. joyce webster says:

    Always a fashionista …. Love you sis. Great article!!!!

  2. That’s my sis, killing them in Tuscon, from a fashion perspective! Vince

  3. Anonymous says:

    good eye adiba !!!!!

  4. ps. Linda love those tights

  5. Oh my! Love this. So excited for the very fabulous Adiba to be doing this column AND holy moly I think I need some of those tights. Which ones? All of them. Thats what.