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The secret perks of beekeeping

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Andrew Eshelman started beekeeping as a way to try and improve his failing vegetable garden. Three years on, he has more than 20 hives in Tucson and St. David in Southern Arizona. But his bees do more than pollinate and produce. They bring him a sense of calm.

The bees have also inspired Andrew, a nurse, and wife Hilary, an entrepreneur and activist, to start up a new business, DrewBees. As well as making honey, they are testing a lip salve made from beeswax. They plan to expand into other personal care products.

In this 3 Story short, Andrew shares some of the secret perks of beekeeping. Interview and photos by Gillian Drummond. Filmmakers: Lilly Ruiz, Danilo Castro, Christopher Boladeres. Music composed by German Higuera.

* Look out for DrewBees products in Tucson stores soon.

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