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OK we’re cheating a little. IKEA isn’t really vintage (although the chain does have its roots in the 1950s). But if shopping there can give you a mod look, then why not? This article comes courtesy of the popular blog Retro Renovation. By Pam Kueber. Artwork and photos courtesy of Retro Renovation/IKEA.


I was poking around Ikea’s website, just to see what was new, and I spotted two items — a rug and a translucent orchid-colored dining chair — that KaPowW, I was in love with. So likety-click, I found a table and a bit of wall art to go with — and here we have it, a chic pop-art dining room that inspired us to revive our occasional Mid Mod Mad Mood Board series.

Golly, I wish I had a friend or a relative who need to quickly furnish a first house or apartment — I’d love to see this installed in the right space.

[My colleague] Kate tells me that when she was fresh out of college and moving 600 miles into an unfurnished rental, she used graduation money to pick up as much as possible from Ikea for her new place. At that point in her life, Kate didn’t have much time or energy to devote to decorating, so the ability to walk into an Ikea for ‘instant decor’ was a perfect solution. Later, when she moved to her current home, she easily resold the Ikea furniture on craigslist for 50% – 75% of its original value!

Forget “practical.” I just plain love the look of this dining space I pieced together — for $845 — including an 8′ x 10′ rug that I am guessing should last you a goodly portion of a lifetime.

Here’s the breakdown:

So what makes this decor all work together? The classic shape of the Saarinen-inspired Docsta table is a great place to start. The translucent Tobias chair — which reminds me of Orchid, Pantone’s color of the year for 2014 – visually echoes the translucency suggested in the rug design — this ‘translucency on translucency’ = awesome. The translucency of the chair also prevents the color from being too cloying — this shade can be difficult to work with.


The Marslev rug also includes sensible neutral colors like beige, cream and grey that make it feel grown up. For art: The Knarsta picture lives large for just $10, and because it is mounted on a board, likely requires no extra frame.

After we published this story, reader TikiMama chimed in with her add-on — the Ikea PS pendant lamp — which is a perfect addition to the space.

If you were able to paint, a warm gray — don’t adjust your computer, yes, I might paint the walls gray — would work to create a calming backdrop for this lively dining room grouping.

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