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We talk to stylist and creative director Sydney Ballesteros about her new online store Golden Goods Co.  All photos courtesy of Golden Goods Co.


A set of coffee mugs that is for sale on Golden Goods Co. website.

Sydney Ballesteros has been known up until now for her creative consulting and fashion styling. The Tucson-based Syd has been making a name for herself for her art of mixing vintage and modern in the looks she creates for magazines, stores and fashion shows. Now she’s branching out into e-commerce.

Her new website Golden Goods Co. includes a home collection, a wear collection and a handmade collection, which will eventually evolve into featuring small artisans with small batch products. There is even a “desert tots” collection for the mini desert dwellers. “It’s really an extension of my personal style and blog Golden Girl of the West,” says Syd. “It has a very ‘Desert Chic’ aesthetic. I want it to feel very personal and curated, a touch of something old or handmade that can be added to a modern home and lifestyle to add a fresh new perspective, the same as a piece of vintage clothing can.”

The tag-line is ‘hunted and hand-picked.’ Syd explains: “All of the items are carefully hand selected. They are all objects I would put in my own home and collections. I want people to shop at Golden Goods Co. because they love to rescue objects and give them a second life, they love the feeling of having that one-of-a-kind object in their home and they love the small things that make their home feel unique – things that make them feel happy to be around.”

As Syd sees it, vintage fashion and interior design often go hand-in-hand. They are usually an intertwined extension of one another. Most people who appreciate owning one-of-a-kind vintage clothing also feel that way about the decor and objects they keep in their homes, she says. That’s where Golden Goods Co. comes in. “I want people to come to the site with constant curiosity about what’s available and to know that it’s going to be good!”


One of Syd’s favorite items in the shop right now is a heavy set of pink marble bookends (pictured above). “These beauties are from the 1940s and exude that era of classic allure, but in such a simple subtle way that they become a versatile addition mixed into any style of décor. They are pretty much the epitome of desert chic. The marble gives them a timeless, luxurious, understated appeal. And the siesta figure is so iconic to the southwest,” she says.

* For more on Golden Goods Co., visit its website.

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