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erendesignlogo We're as nosy as the next person about the insides of people's homes. That's why we bring you a hot property pick each issue. This month:  designers Mary Ann Hesseldenz and Scott Baker share their mid-century Tucson home. (Q: Do interior designers live the way they design for others? A: In this case, yes). Story by Rachel Miller. Photos by Rachel Miller and provided by Mary Ann Hesseldenz MaryAnnScottFoyer   Dining room table by Baker + Hesseldenz, decoration skulls & orchidIt was love at first sight. While visiting from New York, Mary Ann Hesseldenz drove past the Hidden Valley home and fell in love. Problem was, the house wasn’t even on the market. That didn’t stop Mary Ann from sharing her affection for the house with her real estate agent.

Just a few weeks later Mary Ann, now back in NYC, got word that the house was for sale. Without ever stepping foot inside, she bought the 1961 home. The gamble paid off for her and future husband Scott Baker; the views from inside the home are exquisite and the house had barely changed since it was built.

Over the past 13 years Scott and Mary Ann have maintained and refined the original mid-century elements and have created new elements that work in concert with the original. They insist they are not purists when it comes to the home's era. They simply wanted a renovation that was the ultimate place to relax and to entertain, but somewhere that still celebrated its history.

Who they are: Mary Ann Hesseldenz and Scott Baker run Baker + Hesseldenz, a Tucson interior design firm. They’ve lived in their Hidden Valley home for approximately 13 years. Mary Ann Hesseldenz at home

About the home: Built in 1961 by Wes Miller (father of John Wesley Miller) as the model home for Tucson's Hidden Valley neighborhood, this 2300 square feet home is in a prime location to appreciate views of Sabino Canyon.

Describe your style: “Eclectic/curated. While the foundation of our style for this house is mid-century because of the architecture, we have many treasures that are from varying eras and styles.”

Your fave thing about your home: “We love the layout and the view. It’s great for entertaining!”

Biggest splurge: “Hands down, our art collection.”

Best bargain: "We have so many wonderful bargain finds. I guess it would be our sheaths of wheat coffee table - Gold Leaf Italian mid-century.”

Sheaths of wheat table

Best bargain: the mid-century wheat sheaf coffee table.

My DIY moment: “We built a cabana that cantilevers over our pool for us to get married in. Scott worked every weekend for a year and it rained on our wedding day. But it turned out beautiful and it is one of our favorite places to hang out.”

Favorite resources: "Estate sales, antique stores (Adobe House, Lionsgate, etc..), auctions."

Tucson treasures: "See above!"

Take-away lesson:  Curate. You don't have to have everything on display at all times. Mary Ann and Scott both love to collect, but don't have everything out at any one time. They curate their art throughout the year. This approach allows you to enjoy each piece and avoid cluttering items that might distract from one another. It also means you can regularly switch up your surroundings.

* Mary Ann and Scott will be hosting this year's Tucson Modernism Week Cocktail Party at their home on Friday October 10th, 7pm. More details and tickets at tucsonmod.com/schedule

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Are you digging these digs?

Get the look locally

  • So many of the pieces of furniture that sparkle in this home are custom designed by Mary Ann and Scott, meaning that the ultimate place to tap into these sleek designs is at Baker + Hesseldenz.
  • If custom furniture isn't in your budget, check out Copenhagen for new pieces or Adobe House for original era pieces with simple, sculptural elements and modern sensibilities. Add a little bit of funk and fanciful elements - animal skulls, lamps and ornaments - at estate sales and antique stores.
  • Top this off by including choice pieces that may have an emotional history. Scott and Mary Ann have done this by including furniture made by Scott’s grandfather, and his father’s doctor bag.

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From left to right: Italian Gilt Metal Wheat Sheaf Table, $875 from Chairish; White Flokati Area Rug 8x10, $489.28 from Amazon; George Nelson Classic Wooden Sunburst Clock, $134.94 from Amazon; Hans J Wegner Style Wingback Chair, $815 from RetroFurnish 3 Story Magazine is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Amazon.com


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